Convertible Gates - Tom-Cin Metals

Manually Operated (Rack & Pinion Roller Gates)

This tough, rugged Tom-Cin gate is durable as well as dependable. We use gear rack & pinion gears that are precision matched. Our wheels are sealed ball bearing wheels. We use 1" diameter cold rolled shaft that rides on self aligning sealed ball bearings. These features assure you of non-stick operation that is smooth & efficient. Tom-Cin control wheels are light weight, non rusting & durable cast aluminum with a hand, chain or cable wheel, control.

Air Or Hydraulic Operated Gate

This rugged & very versatile gate can be operated with an air or hydraulic system. This Tom-Cin gate has 2" angle reinforcing on the back side to ensure even distribution of closing power. Optional are dust tight and /or explosion proof limit switches for open and close indicators. Electric solenoid control valves single or double models are both dust tight and/or explosion proof. Manual level air valves allow for manual control of the gate opening and closing. All of the above options are available to you so your gate can be customized to fit your special needs. Tom-Cin gates are also convertible to meet your needs now and in the future! Our specially designed knockouts enable you to interchange gates from Rack and Pinion to Air or Electric Rack and Pinion, etc. without having to buy another gate. Various conversion kits are available for switching over to another style of control gate.

Electric Linear Actuated Gate

Tom-Cin electric linear actuator gate is the gate of choice when accurate positioning is essential. Its optional 4-20 mA position transmitter make it perfect for computerized processes or programmable control systems. It comes in 115V, 1Ph, or 230/460V 3 Ph. A cast aluminum housing and all metal gearing make this actuator as rugged and dependable as it is precise.

Electric Operated Gate

Tom-Cin manually operated rack and pinion gates are easily converted to electric operated. Our motors are all C/frames, 3 phase, 230/460 volt, 60 cycle, optional is a 115/230 volt. Dust tight and /or explosion proof limit switch is used to stop the motor during opening or closing of the gate.

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